Custom made Orthotics in Warwickshire

Custom made Orthotics

Rugby Podiatry specialises in care packages designed to get you ACTIVE and doing your BEST.

What do you want to do?

  • Walking and Hiking
  • Better golfing
  • Couch to 5K
  • Run faster, longer
  • Straighter posture
  • Improve balance and reduce risk of falls
  • Reduce pain

Rugby Podiatry specialises in care packages designed to get you ACTIVE and doing your BEST.

We are THE EXPERTS when it comes to foot orthotics, having hand-crafted thousands of pairs for patients all over the UK and many European countries.

Walking Analysis Biomechanics

Active Feet > Active Body > Active Life

Walking Analysis Biomechanics

Shoe Orthotics

Our specialist foot orthoses are unique, they are crafted 'in-house' and made for each of our patients exact needs.

They are made in-house because:

  • We think they cannot be accurately made by a remote commercial orthotics factory from a neutral position plaster cast.
  • It is important that casts are made whilst the foot is weight bearing, to gain the TRUE shape of the foot.
  • It is advantageous to have the same Podiatrist overseeing the whole process. (Analysis, Casting, Manufacture and Fitting).
  • It means a significantly faster production-time.

For that reason we have set up our own 'in-house' lab: Evolution Orthotic Systems Ltd.

The orthotic devices are low volume, so that they fit into most shoes.

Covers are available in a wide variety of high quality leathers. Synthetics are also available.

Guarantees: 3 years for 3/4 length devices. 1 year full length devices.

Orthotic footwear

The body of Evolution devices is typically moulded in c.1mm super-strong engineering polymers.

They can be made to fit dress-shoes "cobra" devices.

They can be made to fit dress-shoes "cobra" devices.

Full-length for walking or sport boots

Full-length for walking or sport boots

Rugby Podiatry & Chiropody Treatment Room

Orthotics can be produced to fit sandals.

Orthotic for high heels.

Orthotic for high heels.

Othotics available in a choice of colours.

They are available in a choice of colours.

Manufacturing of Orthotics

Our premises contain a fully equipped orthotic manufacturing and development lab.

All our orthotics are custom made in-house. From taking an impression (cast) of your feet to having your orthotic devices ready to go usually takes only a few days. Any modifications can usually be carried out while you wait.

These orthotics are made of a special thin, light and very strong polymer blend that we have tested extensively in two of the UK's top materials laboratories. Our shell material is not to be confused with polypropylene or carbon/resin laminates.

In 3/4 length format the orthotics are guaranteed for three years against manufacturing defect.

Our orthotics are semi-flexible, so that the foot can cope properly with impact. Differing flexibilities are used for different sizes and applications. Coverings are offered in quality materials, including bright Italian calf leathers, other hides and synthetics.

Walking Analysis Biomechanics
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Orthotic Testimonials

Although I knew the reason for the pain I was experiencing I had no idea of how to improve the situation. I was thrilled with the results of the laser treatment recommended and administered by Peter Barrow. I have new inserts for my shoes to aid my walking that I felt unable to go back to hospital to have renewed at this time. Highly recommend anyone to use this practice.

Lyn Clarke

Mr and Mrs Barrow are the most welcoming and professional people who took immense care with all Covid guidelines and also with my diagnosis. I had been having trouble with foot and knee pain for a few years, plus tendonitis was causing me a lot of constant pain which was starting to make me feel depressed. Mr Barrow carefully diagnosed my problem and offered me laser treatment to cure the tendonitis and bespoke orthotics to solve problems with flat- feet and plantar fasciitis. I felt an immediate improvement and 6 weeks later I feel fully cured.

Samantha Kerr

Very much recommend this practice. Their knowledge on the biomechanics of feet was eye-opening and the years of carrying out their own research has clearly paid off. It is easy to see why professional athletes use this clinic.

E Youds

After being born with flat feet I went to Mr Barrow hoping he would be able to help with the back and foot pain that I have had since a young age. [With new orthosis] my back pain was relieved within a month and my posture improved soon after!

J Eldridge

When your 18 year old daughter tells you that 3 appointments & 1 pair of orthotics later from wonderful Peter Barrow "has changed her life" you have to give him 5 stars!! Peter is a master of his trade, his knowledge and skill are superb. From our 1st informative telephone conversation with Francesca to a speedy diagnosis and custom made orthotics. I cannot praise them both enough.

Mary Wood

Not only has Peter changed the way I walk, he has changed the amount of painkillers I was having to take to zero. I had experienced long term pain in my feet, mainly one, to the point I couldn’t walk when I woke up and I was in tears after a full day at work. Peter very quickly diagnosed the issue and fitted me with specially made orthotics. 4 laser treatment sessions later and I am virtually pain free.

Amy Pestell

I have worn orthotics for years, but my visit to Peter Barrow for personal assessment and gait analysis was different from anything I had previously experienced.  His approach is very professional, analytical and the custom made orthotics I now use, have improved my ankle strength, knee pain and gait.  At last I have stability in my feet and knees.

N Lewis

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